CCM Tacks 9080 Shoulder Pads Senior

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CCM Tacks 9080 Shoulder Pads Senior


CCM jumped right into building the Super Tacks 9080 shoulder pads and used a two-ply stretch-base jacket. This 3D anatomical design and construction prevent the pads from moving too much, ensuring a body-hugging fit! The Super Tacks 9080 shoulder pads also feature an adjustable harness system that allows players to customize the way the pad feels on their bodies! Covered on the shoulders of the Super Tacks 9080 shoulder pads, the caps feature a protective and lightweight JDP foam that provides players with the highest levels of protection. This goes hand in hand with CCM's popular D30 Smart material, which helps reduce the power of direct punches through checks! Just below the shoulder caps are the biceps protectors with adjustable straps so players can choose how the pads fit around their biceps. Molded-PE Floating Foam was used around the sternum and spine, further enhancing the level of protection of the Super Tacks 9080 shoulder pads. The D30 Smart material has also been reused in these areas to dispel the power of direct impact in the game!



In the middle part of the kidney protection of HD foam and a removable abdominal pad were added! This kidney cover gives players even more comfort and protection for the delicate kidney areas and ensures that all parts of your upper body are well covered and protected. Inside the Super Tacks 9080 shoulder pads, CCM has added a comfort base jacket and a mesh lining. This design is designed to maximize airflow and mobility while keeping the player dry and cool throughout the skating session.



Thanks to the improvised D30 protection and the additional dual-layer base jacket, these shoulder pads have been developed for maximum performance! If you're an elite player looking for great protection and comfort in their gear, the CCM Super Tacks 9080 Senior Shoulder Pads are for you!


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