Do you want to buy Icehockey Skates and you don't want to bring them somewhere else to get them sharpened? Use our Service and get your Icehockey Skates fixed and ready for the Season.

Sharpening (Appointment needed)
Icehockey: smaller curves (Pro sharpening)
1 Pair 20,00 € tax. incl.
Figure Skates: sharpening / manuell 1 Pair 23,00 € tax. incl.
Fitting and other Services

Erasing pressure marks
1 position 3,00 € tax. incl.
Icehockey: unrivet from Holder
1 Pair 10,00 € tax. incl.

rivet and unrivet old Holder (without new Holder) 1 Pair 30,00 € tax. incl.

rivet and unrivet with fusing (without new Holder) 1 Pair 50,00 € tax. incl.

Changing from Tuuk Knifes
10,00 € tax. incl.

Installation from Copper Rivet 1 piece 3,00 € tax. incl.

Installation from Rivets 1 piece 1,50 € tax. incl.

Installation from loops or hooks 1 piece 2,00 € tax. incl.

Do you want to install a T-Blade or Tuuk Holder on your new Icehockey Skate? Thats not a problem for us. Just call for more informations or an appointment.

If you need a new pair of Holder or knifes. Maybe you want to take your old Icehockey Skates and install them to Inline Hockey Skates it is not a problem. Just send them to us or if you need more Informations write us an E-mail or call us. 

These Services are only made from our team which has more then 20 years of experience. We are installing Holders etc. and are sharpening Icehockey Skates in every Skill level (Also for Frankfurt Löwen Pro Team). After you bought a pair of new Icehockey Skates you can leave them here in our Shop and we will do the work you want.

If you have any Questions feel free to contact us.
Phone: 069/9414111
E-Mail: info(at)