Warrior Alpha DX3 Hockey Gloves Youth

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Warrior Alpha DX3 Hockey Gloves Youth


For this iteration, Warrior came up with the clever buzzword Dynamic Strike. The idea was to give the Alpha DX3 gloves the perfect balance of traditional looks and anatomical fit. This feeling of being close to the hand provides improved puck control thanks to better grip of the racquet and advanced hand protection! This fit is called Hybrid Taper Fit. Although this glove appears as a 4-roll glove, it adapts to the natural shape of your hand, maximizing mobility and improving protection! The Warrior Alpha DX3 gloves are packaged premium foams in combination with hard plastic inserts that provide good protection against direct impact such as pucks and stick controls. The Warrior Alpha DX3 gloves not only provide good protection but are also extremely comfortable! This is thanks to the "buttersoft feeling" Warrior calls. The Warrior Alpha DX3 gloves feature responsive mesh gussets, an AXI-FLEX thumb and an anatomically stretched back of the hand. This combination provides a responsive feel as soon as you take your hands in your hand!



Hand in hand with the comfort aspect of the Warrior Alpha DX3 gloves goes the Pro Palm! This palm provides a great balance between feel and control. The Pro Palm is also very durable and protects against wear from the adhesive tape of your hockey stick. The Warrior Alpha DX3 gloves feature a yellow Strike lining that keeps your hands dry, clean and odorless.


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