Bauer Supreme S29 Hockey Gloves Senior

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Bauer Supreme S29 Hockey Gloves Senior


Bauer Hockey is proud to announce its latest line of Supreme gloves, the Supreme S29 Senior Hockey Gloves. With improvements in comfort, fit and protection, this latest version of Bauer gloves is the most advanced yet! From the shell, the Supreme S29 hockey gloves are made of Pro-Level nylon and cable braids. These materials allow the glove to maintain superior durability, allowing players to make the most of their gloves' longevity.



The Supreme S29 Hockey Gloves have a two-piece design inside the index finger, giving players great flexibility and freedom of movement in stick handling and shooting. For extra protection, these gloves use medium density foams with poly inserts in the fingers, providing excellent protection against direct impact. The lining in the fingers of the gloves is equipped with a new technology known as Hyper Sense Finger Liner. This liner wicks moisture away from the hands, keeping them dry and comfortable, improving the connection and feel of the pins.



In addition, the Supreme S29 hockey gloves feature a patented two-piece Flex Lock design inside the thumbs. This design allows players good mobility and comfort thanks to the two-piece design, but also good protection thanks to the Flex Lock concept. The flex-lock design ensures that players' thumbs are not bent too far back, protecting them from overstretching. The backhand of the Supreme S29 hockey gloves is equipped with Bauer dual-density foams with poly inserts. This setup is very lightweight and offers players excellent protection against direct impact such as blocked punches and stick tests.



They pull up on the cuffs of the Supreme S29 Hockey Gloves and feature a molded cuff link with a segmented cuff. This anatomical cuff completely protects the player's wrists from stick checks during stick handling and shooting. The anatomical and comfortable fit of the Supreme S29 gloves goes hand in hand with Bauer's Quattro Pro Palm! This pro-level palm provides players with a high level of comfort and grip during the game. In addition, the palms have a full overlay, which improves the durability and longevity of the palms against the wear of adhesive tapes. Thanks to the stretch palm and the AMP cuff, these gloves are characterized by comfort, protection and feel. Maximize your game with the Bauer Supreme S29 Senior Hockey Gloves!


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