CCM Tacks 9080 Elbow Pads Senior

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CCM Tacks 9080 Elbow Pads Senior


Starting from the top of the Super Tacks 9080 elbow pads, CCM used a bicep with joint and molded foam. This construction offers players excellent comfort and protection in the biceps area! Just below the biceps guard is the JDP-reinforced elbow cap! This lightweight, pro-level construction helps direct the force of direct impact away from the elbow joints. In addition, CCM has incorporated the highly regarded D30 Smart material into the elbow cap to further enhance protection! The Super Tacks 9080 elbow pads move right down to the forearm and are made from molded, molded PE foam that protects the entire forearm to just above the cuff of your gloves. The D30 Smart material has also been reused in this area of ​​the pads to give players even more protection against the wear and tear of a hockey game!



CCM's innovative strapping system holds onto the Super Tacks 9080 elbow pads! The central locking strap, the biceps belt and the adjustable underarm strap provide the player with an anatomical 360-degree fit. This keeps the elbow pads close to the body to ensure that they stay in place and provide maximum protection. With this adjustable underarm strap, players can also customize how the pad sits and feels during use!


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