Bauer Supreme S29 Elbow Pads Junior

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Bauer Supreme S29 Elbow Pads Junior

The Supreme S29 Elbow Pads are designed with a floating construction paired with HD foams and PE inserts that are both lightweight and highly protective. New for this iteration, Bauer utilizes their new AMP Technology used within the elbow cap of the S29 Elbow Pads. This material increases players’ range of motion and mobility, as well as enhancing fit, protection and feel. Moving down to the forearm, the S29 Elbow Pads utilize anatomically molded PE protection. This helps protect players’ forearms against the force of direct impacts such as blocked shots!

The Supreme S29 Elbow Pads feature a molded floating donut within the elbow. This provides players with good comfort and fit. Going hand in hand with the liner is the ThermoMax lining! Not only does this lining add another layer of comfort, it fights to wick moisture away from the arms, keeping players dry and comfortable throughout usage. Additionally, this lining helps the S29 Elbow Pads dry out faster and eliminates the growth of bacteria.

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