Mission Inhaler FZ-0 Inline Hockey Skates Senior

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Mission Inhaler FZ-0 Inline Hockey Skates Senior

The new mission Inhaler FZ-0 inline hockey skate by the company Mission has a completely new style. The years before, the mission series was kept rather dark this has now an end. The new mission FZ-0 inline hockey skate is rather brighter from black-gray to white, with colored wheels that definitely stand out. The roles are again this year from the company Labeda. Labeda again provides your professional hockey role. The Labeda Addiction reel is the best Labeda has to offer and offers maximum grip.


The outsole is made of fully composite material which makes the inliner lighter and more stable. In addition, one can thermoform the inliner by the suitable inside and outside material. The inliner is adjusted to your foot. Of course this is not an obligation, but we recommend it. As a ball bearing, only the best of the best has been installed at Mission, namely the HI-LO Swiss ball bearings. The matching Kryptonium Chassi completes the complete package and offers the necessary lightness to make the complete inline hockey skate look much lighter.


You could spend hours talking about how well the Mission Inhaler FZ-0 Inline Hockey Skate has succeeded. One thing we want to mention is our personal highlight, namely the ankle padding. This has installed the Paron XRD material which fits softly and gently around the ankle. This definitely makes sense to us because most problems happen in the ankle area due to excessive padding. For us super but also a matter of taste is the thick felt tongue which continues to be processed at Mission. This makes the inliner even more comfortable in the instep. It is worth to buy the Mission Inhaler FZ-0 Inline Hockey Skate.


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