CCM Tacks 9060 Inline Hockey Skates Senior

  • Brand: CCM Tacks
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CCM Tacks 9060 Inline Hockey Skates Senior

The CCM Tacks 9060 Inline Hockey Skates are awesome Skate with a even better price Point. You will enjoy this Skate in all ways. Durable and stiff Skate with a all 80mm Wheel set up. Definately a must have if you are skating for speed and looking for a higher mid level Skate. CCM is featuring an HD microfiber liner that helps to keep feet dry and comfortable. The CCM Tacks 9060R Inline Hockey Skates will have a stiff reinforced outsole, which will provide efficient energy transfer from the foot to the skate.

Our opinion is that you can't really make a better move then this Skate. Crazy light for the price point and pretty flexible in Skating. It definately makes fun skating this bad boys.

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