Hi-Lo Swiss LE Bearings Set Front

Hi-Lo Swiss LE Bearings Set

  • Brand: Hi-Lo
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Hi-Lo Swiss LE Bearings Set

The Hi-Lo Swiss LE Bearings comes in a Spacer and Bearings Set. These Bearings are perfect for Inline Hockey because they provide you with a unmatched quickness and durability which is necessary for this sport. The Swiss engineered components are the reason for the great spin life of these Bearings. 

The only thing we can say is that these Hi-Lo Swiss LE Bearings are what you need for powerful Inline Hockey. Great Spin and durability is what every Player is looking for and thats what you are getting. The Price is higher then normal but you are also getting spacer set with it. 

  •  Provides unmatched quickness and durability

  • Swiss engineered components

  • Have a great spin life
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