Graf Supra G35 T-Blade Ice Skates

Graf G35 T-Blade Ice Skates Senior

  • Brand: Graf
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Graf Supra G35 T-Blade Ice Skates Senior

The Graf Supra G35 T-Blade Ice Skates is a new Skate from Graf. This Graf G35 T-Blade Skate is a special edition with a limited quantity. The G35 T-Blade Skate comes in a whole black Boot with some color marks over it. It has some white lines and for the eye some neon yellow spots. It comes in a new modern Design and this Ice Skate is not only for the younger generation. Even older people love this Skate because it is not to hip.

The Graf Supra G35 T-Blade Ice Skate is not made for active Icehockey Players only for Hobby players or Skating at the rink in your free time. This Ice Skate is a solid Skate with good padding on the Ankles. The Skate is wide and really comfortable.

This is the perfect Ice Skate if you just want to skate a little bit in your free time. It has a great look and is comfortable. It actually fits every foot because it is a wide Skate. Also a great Design for everyone.

  • Nylite quarter construction

  • Brush Nylon Lining with PVC Outsole

  • Single Density Foam Ankle Padding

  • 77 holder with non-replaceable runner
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