Graf Supra G35 Ice Skates Junior

Graf G35 Ice Skates Junior

  • Brand: Graf
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Graf Supra G35 Ice Skates Junior

The Graf Supra G35 Ice Skates is a new Skate from Graf. This Graf G35 Skate is a special edition with a limited quantity. The Graf G35 Skate comes in a whole black Boot with some color marks over it. It has some white lines and for the eye some neon yellow spots. It comes in a new modern Design and this Ice Skate is not only for the younger generation. Even older people love this Skate because it is not to hip.

The Graf Supra G35 Ice Skate is not made for active Icehockey Players only for Hobby players or Skating at the rink in your free time. This Ice Skate is a solid Skate with good padding on the Ankles. The Skate is wide and really comfortable.

This is the perfect Ice Skate if you just want to skate a little bit in your free time. It has a great look and is comfortable. It actually fits every foot because it is a wide Skate. Also a great Design for everyone.

  • Nylite quarter construction

  • Brush Nylon Lining with PVC Outsole

  • Single Density Foam Ankle Padding

  • 77 holder with non-replaceable runner
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