CCM RibCor 48K Pump Ice Hockey Skates Senior

  • Brand: CCM Ribcor
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CCM RibCor 48K Pump Ice Hockey Skates Senior

The RIBCOR skates have been traded from Reebok to CCM. CCM’s RIBCOR 48K Ice Hockey Skates were designed to give every player a awesome Agility with the type of control that allows you to turn on a small spot. The CCM Ribcor 48k offers good flexibility and of course allow for a unique type of customized fit through the use of its next generation pump, Advanced Pump® technology. Besides that you are able to Heat the Skate to give it a overall custome fit. Like you know it from the Ribcor Series the Tendon Guard is really flexible and transfers more power to the Ice. The Tongue is a 7mm Felt tongue like the most Players want it.

Awesome Skate for a great price. You are looking here at the second top model of the Ribcor Series and it coasts much less then other 2nd top model Skates from different brands. Really great Skate with alot of pro features.

  • Fit Profile: Out of the box fit and customization with Advanced Pump®. Narrow Heel and Forefoot with a Tapered Ankle Fit.

  • Heat Moldable: Yes

  • Quarter Package: RIBCOR Flex Plus Durafilm- Nylon reinforced profile with EPP foam core.

  • Heel Support: Ribbed Spinal Zone with composite insert + Skate Lock feature

  • Ankle Padding: The Advanced Pump®

  • Tendon Guard: Flexion design

  • Lining Material: Dual zone Duratex® grip & tacky Nash

  • Tongue: 7 mm Felt and EVA foam with molded lace bite protector

  • Footbed: F-I-T system

  • Outsole: Vented lightweight low profile carbon / fiberglass composite

  • Blade Holder: Speed Blade 4.0

  • Runner: SpeedBlade Black
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