Bauer Nexus N5000 icehockey Skates Senior

Bauer Nexus N5000 Icehockey Skates Senior

  • Brand: Bauer Nexus
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Bauer Nexus N5000 Icehockey Skates Senior

The Bauer Nexus N5000 Icehockey Skates are from the new 2016/2017 Line. These Bauer Nexus Hockey Skates are the lowest Model and are more made for beginners and Hobby Players. Like you know it from the Bauer Nexus Line you are looking at a Skate which is made perfectly for people which wider feet. The Skate is comfortable and they approved the stiffness of the Skate.

For Icehockey Players which are playing in a league we recommend a higher Model of the Nexus Line with more protective. The Bauer Nexus N5000 Skate is also really comfortable which is also perfect for a normal day on the Ice rink.

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