Bauer Nexus N7000 Icehockey Skates Senior

  • Brand: Bauer Nexus
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Bauer Nexus N7000 Icehockey Skates Senior

The Bauer Nexus N7000 Icehockey Skates are from the new 2016/2017 line. This Bauer line was redesigned and also has a completly new feel on your feet. It still has the classic fit which means that the whole Bauer Nexus N7000 Hockey Skate is wider then Hockey Skates from the Supreme and Vapor line. The Bauer Nexus N7000 Icehockey Skate is perfect for Hockey Players which are looking for a skate with a allaround bigger width. This Hockey Skate is a great Skate to play in leagues or to only skate with. Besides the new look the Nexus N7000 Skate still has the Felt tongue which is really comfortable. The Inner foam core is really smooth on your feet and also really comfortable.

The facts to this Skate is really simple. You are getting a wider Skate with a new look which reminds us to a supreme skate. The Bauer Nexus N7000 Skate is comfortable and gives you the protection you need to play in a hockey league.

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