Bauer Speed Plate Insoles

Bauer Speed Plate Insoles

  • Brand: Bauer
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Bauer Speed Plate Insoles

The Bauer Speed Plate insoles are now available for all Bauer Series. Only the Bauer Vapor 1X Skate had this Insole before. Now every Vapor, Supreme or Nexus Skate can use this Insole to get a custom fit. The Insole from Bauer is heatable which makes sense to give the Insole a custom fit to your feet.

Definately a awesome Insole. The custom fit makes a huge difference and gives you a perfect fit to the Skate.

Bauer Speed Plate Insole Bauer Speed Plate Insole
  • Full length Recovery Alloy technology for on-the-spot customized balance fitting

  • Mid-density top foam covering in high impact landing zones

  • Easy trim and fit with cut-line indicator

  • Thermo-chromatic print applications for easy to customize guidelines

  • Grip applications for foot stability and reduced slippage
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