Bauer Concept 3 Full Shield Senior Front View

Bauer Concept 3 Full Shield Senior

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Bauer Concept 3 Full Shield Senior

The Bauer Concept 3 Full Shield is the next generation of one of the most used full shields in hockey. Stemming back to the Itech Concept shields, this Bauer Concept 3 uses advanced technology to keep a player well protected on the rink without sacrificing visibility. Bauer also includes a Bauer helmet bag to help keep the visor from getting scratched as well.

The protection is provided by a high-quality polycarbonate shield and frame that can withstand the most intense impacts in hockey. The interior is treated with an anti-fog coating while the exterior is treated with an anti-scratch coating. The floating chin-cup is another great feature to see, insuring a secure fit for the player as well as maintaining a great level of comfort.

  • High-impact Polycarbonate visor and frame

  • Numerous and specific vent locations to guarantee maximum airflow

  • Floating chin-cup

  • Anti-fog interior coating

  • Anti-scratch exterior coating

  • CSA, CE, HECC Certified

  • Mounting hardware and Bauer helmet bag included
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