Hejduk MHX Half Visor Pro Line Front View

Hejduk MHX Half Visor Pro Line

  • Brand: Hejduk
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Hejduk MHX Half Visor Pro Line

The company Hejduk Sport was created in Czech and their major is making really good Icehockey Visors to even better price. Hejduk Sport has three different Visor categories and they are Flat Visors, Convex Visors and Covex Visors Pro Line. The Pro Line Visors do have the Anti Fog and Anti scratch Material on their Visors. Besides that you will get different shapes of Visors so every Icehockey Player finds his personal favour.

The Hejduk MHX Pro Line Half Visor is a straight cut Visor. Also this Icehockey Visor is smaller then all the other once. You will have a straight cut which is smaller and thinner. That means the perfect Visor for Icehockey Players which have to get used to a Visor because of league rules.

The Hejduk MHX Pro Line Visor is the Visor you need to play if you have to get use to one. It has a CE and because of the pro line you don't have any problems with fog or scratches. 

  •  Clear Visor

  • CE certificated

  • Fits on every Senior Icehockey Helmet

  • Fits on every Helmet no matter which brand it is

  • Screws included

  • Antifog and Antiscratch provided

  • straight cut
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