Warrior Covert QRE ST2 Composite Stick Senior

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Warrior Covert QRE ST2 Composite Stick Senior

The Warrior Covert QRE ST2 Intermediate Hockey Stick with a weight of 538 grams makes it a competitive racket in terms of weight. The appearance of this stick is bold. At the top it starts with a light blue color with a dark blue QR logo. If you move down to the middle of the stick, the shaft is a bright orange with a light blue hidden logo. Warrior walked to the end of the bat and wore the pale blue again with an orange Warrior logo.

When designing the Covert QRE ST2 Intermediate, Warrior chose the True1 Phantom design. This means that the entire shaft consists of one piece! This is combined with the Minimus 800 carbon fiber in the interior, which gives the Covert QRE ST2 hockey stick a high durability. This extra durability is perfect for players who love to go into the corners to get loose pucks.

Warrior chose a structured grip for the new Covert QRE ST2 Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick. They matched this with their straight side walls with rounded corners. Warrior's Covert series canes are one of the fastest, if not the fastest, on the market. The Covert QRE ST2 stick is no different. This is thanks to Warrior's new redesigned 3D Edge Taper. This rejuvenation drives the bending energy through the hosel and ensures lightning-fast releases of your strokes while remaining absolutely accurate.

The rejuvenation of the Covert QRE ST2 Grip Intermediate goes hand in hand with the blade designed by SoftCore X Foam Core. This material is 20% lighter and more responsive than its predecessor.

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