Verbero Cypress v1000 Hockey Stick Senior

  • Brand: Verbero
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Verbero Cypress v1000 Hockey Stick Senior

The hand made Cypress v1000 blends the newest carbon technology with African zebra wood. The result is an intuitive, traditional feel with a look that evokes the style of hockey’s past.

Only Verbero’s Cypress features real wood inlays, strategically positioned on the shaft of the stick. This technology, dampens vibration, while increasing shaft durability and puck feel for a perfect balance.

  • Weight: 400+/- grams

  • Flex Profile: Optimized Mid profile. Built with unsurpassed flexibility, it provides players with tremendous feedback and puck control.

  • Lie Offerings: V88 - Lie 5, V90 - Lie 5, V28 - Lie 5.5, V92 - Lie 6, V91 - Lie 5.5

  • Shaft: Length: 60 inches.

  • African Zebra Wood inlays

  • Mid hosel two way fuse prevents torsion in the lower shaft. Phantomlite wetting technology prevents air pockets during the manufacturing process.

  • Utilizes 100% 18k twill weave Carbon Fiber, new and exclusive to Verbero’s sticks. Offered in high gloss wood varnish to protect the finish. Available in grip.
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