CCM Super Tacks AS2 Composite Stick Senior

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CCM Super Tacks AS2 Composite Stick Senior

CCM has analyzed the data found in the CCM Shooting Performance Lab, optimized the position of the soft flex zone in the shaft and improved the transition to the stiff taper zone, resulting in improved shooting power and accuracy. The soft center section of the Super Tacks AS2 Hockey Stick allows players to load their strokes for longer, saving more energy and producing more power.

The ACU X-Stiff Blade also helps to lift the puck with maximum power. With its tactile surface, this blade offers players great feel and control in stick handling and shooting. The heel and toe areas have also been reinforced to ensure a long life.

Optimized rejuvenation in the lower third of the Super Tacks AS2 hockey stick provides a more balanced feel and provides more stability and control when you lean into heavy punches like knocking! This redesigned shape has also helped reduce the total weight of the racket by 10 grams, resulting in an incredibly balanced racket with unparalleled grip.

The Super Tacks AS2 Hockey Stick was made from the CCM material C6 Weave. This carbon fiber fabric offers remarkable stiffness and strength, resulting in high durability of the shaft and blade. Paired with the C6 Weave is the X-Flow technology in the shaft. This improved molding process eliminates excess resin and imperfections, improves butt quality and consistency, and helps reduce the weight of the rod!

With a rejuvenated rejuvenation and Flexzone positioning, this racquet is a modern powerhouse for mid-kick performance! If you're a high-level player looking for maximum performance and faster loading times, try the CCM Super Tacks AS2 Senior Hockey Stick!