Bauer Supreme 1S Composite Stick Senior

Bauer Supreme 1S Composite Stick Senior 2017

  • Brand: Bauer Supreme
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Bauer Supreme 1S Composite Stick Senior 2017

The Bauer Supreme 1S Hockey Stick is from Bauer and the new 2017 High end product from the Supreme line. This Stick has alot of features which we knew from before like the Mid upper kick point or also the nipple grip on the corners of the shaft. But one thing is really new and the Bauer Supreme 1S Stick is the first Bauer model which has it. Now the Blade Core got a facelift. The Bauer 1S Blade has a technology which is called Power Sense 2 Blade Core which has a gel which gives a better feel for the Blade. The power transfer to the Blade is also higher then before which gives you a harder and much better shoot. But the best thing on this technology is that if you have cracks in the Blade the gel fills up the cracks and makes it harder and more durable then normal.

We think this Blade Technology is a great inventure. This tech will be a future thing and could revolutionize the market if they continue the development.

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