Warrior Covert QRL Composite Stick Intermediate

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Warrior Covert QRL Composite Stick Intermediate


The Warrior QRL is the next part of the Covert series. It has completely new materials, a layup design and improved rejuvenation to give you an instant change. This racquet is designed to provide improved shooting performance with an extremely low kick quick release, lower overall weight and balanced feel to maximize speed and improve accuracy.



In designing the QRL, Warrior used its well-known True 1 construction, which makes the QRL a seamless, one-piece hockey stick from top to bottom. But what they made of it is perhaps the biggest change to this Covert line. The QRL introduces the Minimus 1000 carbon fiber. A high-strength and lightweight carbon fiber for aerospace with new 2-D flatwire fabric. Woven across the entire racket in 12K visible fabric, this high-modulus carbon fiber is not only extremely lightweight, but also enhances the QRL's other construction technologies by maximizing the balance and feel of the True 1 and improving the responsiveness of the Dagger Taper III , Even more impressive is the 40% increase in strength to limit the risk of fire damage in high traffic areas compared to its predecessor QR1. Warrior's tests also show that it is 20% stiffer for a more positive feel and a faster response, and 10% lighter for better balance.



The QRL will be equipped with Dagger Taper III, the next generation of Dagger Taper technology. Warrior has thinned the top of the taper to give it more flexibility, while making the bottom part slightly wider to prevent blade torque. This new taper gives the QRL an extremely low kick point with lightning fast strokes that are easy to load. For handling, the Covert line uses a traditional shaft geometry with rounded corners and straight sidewalls. This senior model features the Pro CorTex handle from Warrior, a beautifully textured, sticky, soft grip that holds your hands to ensure optimal hand control during stick handling and shooting.



This QRL stick is designed for players who want to bring their game to elite level. With new superior materials and technologies, Warrior has been able to produce a stick with a lightning-fast shutter to help you achieve more goals without hassles. Check out the Warrior Hockey QRL today.


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