Fischer CT850 Custom Sticks (3 Pack)

  • Brand: Fischer Hockey
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Fischer CT850 Custom Sticks (3 Pack)

You can Order here a 3 Pack of Custom Fischer Hockey Sticks. The Formular which has to be filled up with al the informations needs to be send to our E-Mail Adress. Underneith you will find all the informations which are needed.


Fischer Custom Stick FormularFischer Custom Formular download here



The Player can choose from these two options:

  • Choose one of the Standard Fischer Curves (look below) or
  • your own Curve. For that there is needed a whole Stick with the curve you are looking for or only the Blade with 20cm from the Shaft included. Send this to us and we will send it to Fischer.


SHAFT – Round or Corner
FISCHER offers to Shaft Options::

  • „Square“ Shaft or
  • „Round“ Shaft with rounded curves on the side of the Shaft.
    This is only a matter of taste which you prefer more to get a better Stick Handling and to define your shoots.


The Player can choose with „Grip“ or „Clear“ Painting for the Shaft.
This is also a matter of taste which you prefer more. For some Players it is important not to slide around on the Shaft when the Gloves are wet and for others it is important to be all around the Shaft. The choice is yours.


NAME of the Player with Number
The Player has the Option to print a Name and Number on the top of the Shaft like you know it from other custom Sticks. Just fill out the Formular with all the right data.


On the bottom of the Shaft it is also possible to print the Logo of the Team you are playing for. The Logo has to be a vector file which means pdf or programs like illustrator.


MINIMUM 3 Sticks
The difference is that you only need to make 3 Custom Sticks not like other brands you need to do 6 or 12 Custom Stick. So thats a huge thing.



Fischer Stick Standard Curves