CCM Ribcor 76K Hockey Skates Senior

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CCM Ribcor 76K Hockey Skates Senior


The RibCor 76K hockey skates offer a quarter package with MetaFrame technology as of the quarter package. This composition provides players with high durability and good structural stiffness. The RibCor 76K Hockey Skates uses a 7mm felt tongue with embossed tip bite guard. This multi-layer, 7mm thick black felt tongue offers players great protection and comfort. In addition, the tongue offers an injected tip bite guard for increased comfort and durability. Onto the interior, the RibCor 76K hockey skates feature on HD microfiber liner with Durazone abrasion protection! This high-performance moisture wicking material works as well as comfortable as possible all game long. Additionally, the Durazone abrasion protection liner has improved durability in high wear areas. Going hand in hand with this liner is the ADPT memory foams. These symmetrical foams wrap snugly but comfortably around feet, providing an anatomical fit for all different foot shapes.



In the lower half of the RibCor 76K hockey skate is the brand new SpeedBlade XS holder! On the back of each holder, players will find CCM's BladeLock technology. This is a positively locked knob that holds the blade firmly to the holder and prevents the blade from dislodging during play. This design, in turn, provides players with consistent and maximized energy transfer within each step. With the improvised FlexFrame technology and the new combination of retainer and runner, the CCM RibCor 76K Senior Hockey Skates further enhance protection, comfort and performance!


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