Bauer Vapor X900 Icehockey Skates Senior 2017

Bauer Vapor X900 Icehockey Skates Senior 2017

  • Brand: Bauer Vapor
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Bauer Vapor X900 Icehockey Skates Senior 2017

The Bauer Vapor X900 ice skate is the second top model in the Vapor series. The shoe is made of Curv® composite, this material makes the shoe extremely stable and still very light. The X-rib pattern in the ankle and heel area additionally reinforces the shoe. The conical fit allows a perfect fit of the shoe. A novelty is the A-Symmetrical fit in the ankle area of ​​the skate, which also optimizes the fit of the ankle. The Vapor X900 has the traditional lacing system. The Lock-Fit + liner and footbed prevents the foot from slipping, allowing perfect power transmission. The Flex-Lock tongue is a traditional thick felt tongue with a modern metatarsal protection. This protection prevents the shoelaces from being pushed through and optimizes the transmission of power to the runners. The outsole is made of composite, this material increases power transmission and also makes the shoe lighter. Below, Bauer has installed the LightSpeed ​​Edge Holder and the LightSpeed ​​3 Edge knives. The Holder was mounted 3mm higher and allows to drive even tighter radius.

  • Fit: Conical

  • Material: Curv® composite

  • Ankle/ Heel: X-ribbed design

  • Inner material: Lock-Fit +

  • Footbed: Lock-Fit +

  • Tongue: Traditional thick flex-lock tongue with protection

  • Outsole: Composite

  • Holder: LightSpeed Edge

  • Blade: LightSpeed 3 Edge
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