Bauer Vapor x2.7 Hockey Skates Senior

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Bauer Vapor x2.7 Hockey Skates Senior

The Vapor X2.7 skates, equipped with the new Comfort Flex system, offer a high level of comfort as soon as you step into the skates with your foot, improved visual aesthetics and additional flex in the shoe. The one-piece 3D polycarb quarter construction provides players with added comfort and flexibility, helping the shoe adapt to the natural shape of the player's feet.

The tongue consists of Bauer's two-part tongue with injected metatarsal protection. This setup gives players a very comfortable and protective fit and feel! Inside the Vapor X2.7 ice skate a microfiber liner is used. This lining is specially designed to keep players' feet dry and comfortable by wicking away moisture. This insert includes the memory foam inserts in the ankles of the boot. This foam offers superior thermoformability, superior comfort and durability, as well as an improved fit!

In the lower half of the Vapor X2.7 are the proven LightSpeed ​​EDGE holder from Bauer. These holders are three millimeters larger than the older Lightspeed holders. Stainless steel rails are available in combination with the Lightspeed EDGE holders. These runners offer thanks to the material improved longevity when sanding skates.

With the addition of the Comfort Flex system and the one-piece Polycarb quarter package, each element of the Bauer Vapor X2.7 Senior Hockey Skate offers high-end performance and a quality feel every time you place it!

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