Bauer Vapor 2X Hockey Skates Senior

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Bauer Vapor 2X Hockey Skates Senior

Bauer Hockey is proud to introduce the latest addition to its Vapor Skate line with the introduction of the Bauer Vapor 2X Senior Ice Hockey Skates! With important improvements to almost every part of the skate, Bauer wants to deliver the ultimate in performance with every step on the ice!

Starting with the construction of the Vapor 2X hockey skates, the quarter pack will be built using the Bauer Acceflex system. Instead of using a very stiff shoe, this design allows for very little flex in the shoe, so it adapts to the natural shape of your foot, which has a positive effect on overall performance and comfort! This new design features Bauer's 3-D Carbon Curv Composite material with an X-Rib pattern on the back and Comfort Edge padding in the boot. This setup provides a familiar, close-to-the-feet feeling. In addition, thanks to the Curv Composite material, it is incredibly lightweight and durable. The X-rib pattern on the back of the skates helps to fix the heel for faster transitions and tighter turns!

The Recoil tongue goes hand in hand with the carbon curve shoe construction. This new design offers players an improved forward flex, which means more freedom of movement while skating. Thanks to the molded felt and the double injected metatarsal protection this tongue offers comfort and protection and better protects the top of your foot from blocked punches or stick checks. As for comfort, the tongue is made of three-piece 48-ounce felt! True to the asymmetric concept of the Vapor, the Vapor 2X hockey skates go one step further with the introduction of their new asymmetric toe cap and box! With the profile of 25,000 player scans, Bauer has optimized this new design to improve your crushing power and increase top speed! This new toe cap and shell is a bit shorter and longer compared to its predecessor.

They advance into the interior of the Vapor 2X hockey skates and are equipped with Bauer's lock-fit liner. Specially designed to keep players' feet dry and comfortable, and fixed during play, this lining is designed to maximize the efficiency of skating through a special grip on the lower half of the lining. Combined with the Lock Fit liner, the Aerofoam + memory foam pads are located in the ankles of the boot. This brand new foam offers superior thermoformability, superior comfort and durability, as well as improved fit!

In the lower half of the Vapor 2X hockey skates you can see Bauer's proven LightSpeed ​​EDGE holders. These holders are three millimeters larger than the older LightSpeed ​​holders. The LS3 runners are available together with the LightSpeed ​​EDGE holders. These high-quality stainless steel runners are three millimeters larger than their predecessors, the LS2 runners, which gives players a greater angle of attack and longer blade life by sharpening!

With the addition of the Accuflex system, the Recoil tongue and the asymmetric toe cap, every element of the Bauer Vapor 2X Senior Hockey Skates delivers the ultimate in performance and a sense of quality when you put them on your feet!

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