Slivvver Roller Hockey Puck Front View

Slivvver Roller Hockey Puck

  • Brand: Bauer
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SlivVver Rollerhockeypuck

The SlivVver Puck is great for Inline Hockey and Streethockey. With the six big knobs on the front and back of the Puck you are able to play a fast game. Of curse you only can play a fast game on a great surface like sport court. If you play with the SlivVver Puck on the Street you will see that the Knobs will be gone really quick because of the bad surface.

The important thing here is that we don't recommend to play the Puck on the streets. It is a great Puck on smooth surface but on the Streets it isn't the same.

  •  Plastic Puck

  • 6 Big Knobs on every side

  • Available in red and dark blue
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