Green Biscuit Snipe Roller Hockey Puck Front View

Green Biscuit Snipe Roller Hockey Puck

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Green Biscuit Snipe Roller Hockey Puck

The Green Biscuit Snipe Puck was made to improve your stickhandling and pass play. The Training Puck was developed that you can play it on the Street or rough surfaces. The Puck will not jump away or stand up like you know it from other pucks. The Green Biscuit Puck feels on the stick like a real Hockey Puck.The Snipe Version of Green Biscuit is also made for shooting


This Puck is perfect to improve your Stickhandling skills. Also a perfect workout during the sommer. Green Biscuit will improve your stickhandling and passing abilitys and you will see the result on th ice or inline hockey court.

  • 130g (30g fewer than a original Ice Hockey Puck)

  • Exactly the same mass like an original Hockey Puck
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