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TRUE Custom Goalie Hockey Skates

True has made a really big step in custom Skates. They are played alot in all the top leagues all around the world. You see alot of Players wearing these Skates. You are getting alot of features you can add to your individual Skates for small money. To make the True Custom Goalie Skates you need to come to our Shop and to go through some Steps with us to make the best Skate. These are the Steps we need to go through:


1. Your Personal Data will be written down. This is important for us and True Hockey!

2. We will measure your feet and write down your size!
Important Note: If you have two different sizes because you have one foot which is larger isn't a problem at all. We make a note on the Formular we are filling out with you!

3. We will scan your feet with our scanner which is provided by True Hockey. We will make pictures from your feet to make sure your ankles are coming out right. We also mark positions if you have problem zones on your feet.

4. We will fill out the Formular with you which is also provided by True. On the Formular we can write special things down you want to have for your Custom Skate like a thicker Tongue or a second color.

5. Last but not least we are sending all the Infos and the Formular to True Hockey to Canada.

6. Till your True Custom Skate is finished it will maximum take about 4-5 Weeks till it arrives to Germany in our Shop.


You can also look at our True Custom Site for some more Infos.

If you have further questions you can reach us by telephone 069-9414111 or via E-Mail


How to Guide für den perfekten Schlittschuh

This is made to create the perfect Custom Skate for you.

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