Warrior Ritual G4 Goalie Chest & Arm Protector Senior

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Warrior Ritual G4 Goalie Chest & Arm Protector Senior


Starting with the visual appearance, the G4 Intermediate has a new red color to present some new changes. First, you will notice a reinforced sternum protection that better protects the chest and heart area. This design still has strategic cuts to provide flexibility in forward bending.



The G4 Intermediate wanders down to the abdomen and features an improved abdominal pad that provides more protection for higher density materials. These materials provide more protection when you catch pucks and hit the shooter directly. There are large elastic bands that run from the back panel to the sides and replace the elastic bands with plastic buckles. This elastic strap is closed with a Velcro closure, which can be adjusted at any angle to give the goalkeeper a real feeling. New in the G4 is the adjustable shoulder and arm design. With this lacing feature, goalies can shorten or lengthen the arms to find the exact fit.



On the back of the G4 Intermediate, there are 5 settings for goalies that move the shoulder swimmers in either direction, move the neck in either direction, or tighten or loosen the back plate. With this adjustment style on the G4 Intermediate, it proves to be one of the most universal breast protectors, which is suitable for almost any goalkeeper form.



The G4 Intermediate is coming to arms and is equipped with traditional designs for goalies who prefer a simpler design. The front of the arms is made of standard HD and LD foams to give the arm a soft feel while still providing adequate coverage. On the back of the arm are 4 elastic straps that can be adjusted to provide a perfect fit for the body.


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